Automotive and Carwash Waste

Whether you are operating a car or truck wash or an automotive repair shop, you most likely have a grit trap catching all the sand, dirt, oil, engine grease, and more in your waste water. Sometimes known as a mud pit or sand trap, in order for your grit trap to work properly it must be cleaned periodically in order to prevent wastewater overflowing into your facility or even worse off your property and on to the street or your neighbors property.

Johnson Pumping is an expert in grit trap waste collection and disposal. Our clean, modern vacuum trucks are designed to remove all sand, mud, and debris from your grit trap leaving it clean and ready for your use with out interruption to your business. You will also have peace of mind knowing that your grit trap waste is being disposed of in compliance with all federal, state and local regulations with proper manifesting and documentation. You can rest assured knowing you are doing your part to keep our community and environment safe for all of us. Quickly and cleanly for you and your environment.