Restaurant Grease Trap Waste

Grease trap waste removal is an unsavory task and proper disposal of grease trap waste is mandatory. Legal requirements are stringent and increasingly unforgiving. It’s all a burden that not only interrupts your business, but exposes you to significant risk, not only of potentially backed-up grease traps and interceptors but also of potentially significant fines from local and state governments for non-compliance with environmental regulations, not to mention strict “pre-treatment” discharge limits that many cities are now implementing to protect their sewer systems from high clean up and waste treatment costs.

How Grease Traps Work

Say goodbye to the burden of grease trap waste removal.

Our business is taking the burden of grease trap waste removal and disposal away from your business. We offer you a complete solution that relieves you of the hassle and risk of grease trap waste disposal. From maintaining your traps and drain lines to safe transport and environmentally friendly disposal of your waste, to proper documentation of waste removal and disposal, Johnson Pumping offers you the service you want at an affordable price. Quickly and cleanly for you and your environment.