Sewer Jetting and Video Pipe Inspection

Drain and sewer back-ups are a problem that cost individuals and business time and money, not to mention the embarrassment and poor reputation you receive when friends and customers see wastewater overflowing or even worse running off your property and down the gutter.  Proper drain and sewer line maintenance can drastically reduce or eliminate sewer back-ups.  To save you from this embarrassment, Johnson Pumping offers hydro-jetting and video pipe inspection services.  Together these services can clean and inspect drain and sewer pipes from 2” to 36” in diameter, leaving the line in like new condition.

Over time sewer pipes get a build of grease and sludge on the inside wall of the pipe, often leading to backed up drains. While cable machines can be useful for unstopping drains, they do not clean the pipe to eliminate future problems.  There is no better tool for cleaning drain and sewer pipes than a sewer jetter.  Sewer jetting uses high pressure water to clean the interior walls of drain and sewer pipes leaving in them like new, and dramatically reducing future back-ups and the costs and hassles that go along with them.

Video pipe inspection is exactly what it sounds like.  A video camera is introduced into the drain or sewer pipe and fed down the line.  The technician can see any issues in the line including blockages, and broken or crushed pipes.  Upon finding any problems in the pipe, the technician can then locate exactly where the problem is underground.  Locating can even be done under buildings.

Sewer Jetting Before and After Video.

Sewer jetting and video pipe inspection used together can be an invaluable tool for solving drain and sewer problems.  Pipes can be cleaned to like new condition and then video inspected to insure all areas of the pipe wall are completely clean, and that there are no other issues that could hinder drainage.  With regular preventive maintenance that includes hydro-jetting and video inspection, Johnson Pumping can virtually eliminate drain and sewer back-ups.  Quickly and cleanly for you and your environment.