Septic and Cesspool Waste

Septic waste removal is an unsavory task, and proper disposal of septic tank waste is mandatory. Environmental regulations hold individuals and businesses that generate septic tank and cesspool waste directly responsible for its proper removal and disposal, making a clean environment not just important for everyone, but something that goes straight to your pocketbook.

How septic tanks work:

Septic Systems consist of two basic parts; a septic tank and soil absorption system. The septic tank provides a means of treatment for the wastewater by creating a large quiet compartment to allow solid matter to settle out of the wastewater and collect in the tank. Once the large solid material is settled out, the sewage flows into a deep layer of soil where the soil, and microorganisms growing in the soil remove the pollutants before the wastewater enters ground or surface water. When properly designed, constructed, and maintained septic systems do an excellent job of removing pollutants from wastewater.

Here are a few things property owners can do to insure their septic system operates effectively and trouble free for many years.

Conserve Water.

Since the soil must accept all of the water used in your home, using less water is the best thing you can do to maintain your septic system. Water conservation includes:

Careful Landscaping.

The soil absorption system (or leach field) is the most important part of a septic system, so it is important to protect the area. Careful landscaping includes:

Pump Septic Tank.

Septic Tanks are installed to allow solids to settle out of sewage and hold these solids in the tank. Over the years of operating, accumulated solids begin taking up too much room in the tank, reducing the volume available for settling. When this happens, solids start escaping the tank and can clog the soil in the soil absorption area. Before this happens, the septic tank should be pumped to remove the solids. We recommend that septic tanks are pumped every 3-5 years.

Say goodbye to the burden of septic waste removal.

Our business is taking the burden of septic tank and cesspool waste removal and disposal away from you or your business. We offer you a complete solution that relieves you of the hassle and risk of septic waste disposal. From maintaining your septic tank to safe transport and environmentally friendly disposal of your waste, to proper documentation of waste removal and disposal, Johnson Pumping offers you the service you want at an affordable price. Quickly and cleanly for you and your environment.